An Introduction

I am currently in my final year of my master’s plus teaching certificate program.  I am not planning to become a Ph.D student, and I am not writing a master’s thesis.  However, I will be learning for the rest of my life.  And not from my mom or from others who are more experienced from me (well, I’ll still learn from them), but from those with significantly less experience.  Everyday I will be faced with truths I had never considered and lives I have never had to live.  Everyday I will learn something from someone who is quite younger than myself.  Who are my future professors?

They are my students, my campers, and my cousins.

These small adults teach me new things every time I am with them.  My cousin teaches me the importance of spending time with someone slightly older than you.  My students remind me how necessary it is to be comforted when we are hurt.  And my campers?  Well, I’ll give an example:

I am terrified of bees.  Wait, not terrified, oh no.  I am unbelievably, run around screaming my head off, paralyzed-with-fear frightened of bees.  But if I ran around screaming my head off every time a bee came near me (and that was a lot), what would my campers think?  Chances are half of them would start screaming around and we’d have an all out freak-out fest on our hands.  So I learned control.  I learned to show them bees are nothing to be afraid of, even if I didn’t necessarily believe it myself.  Good thing too, because last week I got stung twice when I was outside with my preschoolers.

So there you are.  Hopefully I remember to update this somewhat regularly with little life lessons I learn from my students.  Or big ones, like not being afraid of bees.


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