The Real Definiton of Immunity

I never miss class.  Even when I have a bad cold, I suck it up and go.  But yesterday, with aches and pains all over, a pounding headache, and the sneaking suspicion I might develop a fever if I didn’t get some rest, I missed not 1…not 2…but 3 classes.  I lay on my couch with tea and a heating pad, and took a short nap.  Later, I drugged myself with nearly every OTC drug I had (not really…I only took 3) and crawled into bed, hoping that tomorrow I would awake to a better feeling me.


My go to tea when I am sick: chamomile and mint with honey.  Seriously, drink this and you will feel so much better

I wasn’t entirely let down.

My nose wasn’t as stuffed up and my head wasn’t pounding.  I could move without feeling like a thousand prickly pear cacti were grazing my skin.  The only thing that hurt was my throat, and I can deal with that, so I went to teach my preschoolers thinking I was going to feel better as the day went on.

Nope. I again spent my afternoon napping on the couch with aches, a pounding headache, and, in place of the sneaking suspicion of a fever, a nose that felt like it was about to explode.

It’s amazing though, that I didn’t realize how tired I was while teaching.  I didn’t realize I was seconds away from falling into a deep sleep until I came home, sat on my couch, and fought tooth and nail to stay awake.  My students, though they are probably the ones who got me sick, made me feel like nothing was wrong with me.  Their genuine interest kept me on my toes.  I didn’t have time to think about what my immune system was battling.

Immunity isn’t about never getting sick, it’s about finding that one thing that makes you feel better when you are.  For me, it’s teaching.  Which is a good thing, because my immune system can only handle so many germs.

(In other news, I’ve decided to be a minion for halloween.  Preschoolers get ready, here comes awesome.)


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