Cover Your Ears

In my preschool classroom we use the phrase it’s too loud quite often (usually accompanied by covering one’s ears).  Is the noise level on the carpet getting a little too high? Just press your hands to your ears and say It’s too loud!  The person next to you talking too loudly? Press again and say You’re too loud!  Are you overstimulated in general?  Just cover your ears and say TOO LOUD!!!

Today, I wanted to cover my ears and say IT’S TOO MUCH!!!

I don’t mean to complain, but allow me about six sentences to complain.  I have approximately twelve different assignments due before the end of the week (yes, even though it is Tuesday I still have twelve assignments due).  I also have a lesson I am supposed to teach on Thursday that I have to look over again and again for fear of missing something.  I begin my take-over in two weeks (a blessing, really, as I was originally scheduled to start next week).  I have to plan field trips, visitors, lessons, toys, and so much more all while keeping in mind that other people have lessons, toys, research, and plans at the same time.  It all gets to be a little….overwhelming.  I literally left placement covering my ears. (There.  Six sentences.  Thanks!)

Unfortunately, when we adults cover our ears we look like idiots.  Don’t deny it.  If you saw someone walking down the street covering their ears and saying ITS TOO MUCH you’d probably think they’d gone insane (unless, of course, you live on a college campus…very little seems insane on a college campus).  Good thing we have our equivalents of covering our ears.  Some of mine include:

  • Talking to others in my same situation.  My cohort is amazing.  We are all covering our ears right now.  However, a few minutes with each other and that grip on our ears loosens.  We talk about everything: bowel movements, ex/current boyfriends, funny stories our kids tell, and lack of homework done are some of my favorites.
  • Gin and Tonic.  I don’t drink like an 1800’s barmaid, but I do enjoy a little something every once in a while.
  • Fantasy movies.  The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is on HBO right now.  As a result, it is also on my TV.

Every teacher has those days where it seems impossible to do their job.  I’m in preservice teaching, so I have a lot of them.  Perhaps a crucial lesson of becoming a teacher is recognizing what makes you cover your ears and finding what makes you lower your hands. 

For now, my hands are no longer pressed to the side of my head.  Which is good, because I imagine that would make it a bit difficult to sleep at night.


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