Month: December 2013

An Unexpected Thank-You

I’m sitting at the Starbucks in Springfield when a young lady comes in and sits at the table right next to mine.  Now, there were other tables to sit at, and I’m at the very back of the store (literally up against a wall, hidden from view to the general public).  So she sits at the chair closest to mine that is not actually at my table and says, “You’re not a kid you’re an adult!”

Amused, I say, “I’m not a kid?”

“No you’re an adult”

“You’re right I am an adult”

At this point her dad comes around the corner and tells her to leave me alone: “Let her do her work.”  He doesn’t say it sternly, lovingly, or with a tone of exasperation.  It’s just a simple request.  He seems a nice enough guy, taking his girl on a daddy-daughter-date to get a cup of hot chocolate and a cookie at the local caffeination station.  So I tell him it’s no big deal and we strike up a conversation.  Throughout the conversation this young lady, let’s call her Victoria, tells me all about cats she’s seen on YouTube – apparently there is a plethora of cat videos I have never seen.

Snoopy Woodstock Sticker

The sticker on my MacBook Pro. My boyfriend got it for me last year for Christmas, and it’s held up rather well! I highly recommend decorating your computer with obnoxious displays of your personality 🙂

After finishing her cookie and telling a few more tales of the Cats of YouTube, she notices the sticker on my computer: Snoopy and Woodstock roasting a marshmallow (and apple) over a campfire.

She quiets down, a fascinating change of events, as she eyes the sticker. “Woah! Look what’s on your computer” she exclaims.

“Oh yeah.  Do you know who that is?”

“Um…That’s a dog! That’s a dog! That’s a dog! That’s a dog!”

“Victoria, you’re making me look like a bad dad…”

I smile and tell her that the dog’s name is Snoopy and the bird’s name is Woodstock before asking what they are doing.


“What are they doing with it?”

“Over a campfire! Cooking it!”

“What’s Snoopy got?”

*Giggling* “An apple! He’s cooking an apple!”

I giggle too.  “Is he gonna eat it?”

“Yeah and it’s gonna be a hot apple.  It’s gonna be all mushy.”

And just like that I was back home.  I was back to my happy place, teaching.  In the middle, or rather the very back corner of the only Starbucks I have been able to find in Springfield, I got the chance to teach.  But that’s not all.  What her dad said next is the perfect way to end 2013:

Many thanks for the work you’re going into.  I don’t know how you people do it.

Remember, fellow teachers, that when you are frustrated with the low pay, the lack of appreciation, all the people who apparently know how to do your job better than you do, or any of the many frustrating moments you encounter, that there are those out there who appreciate the hard work.  There are people who see it, who admire it, and who know they don’t know how to do your job better than you.

Happy New Year, and many thanks.

Happy New Year 2014 2


In Remembrance

I’m sitting in my boyfriend’s apartment, weeks after finishing up my preschool placement at the university lab school.  All my final papers, projects, and artsy-farsty assignments have been turned in.  Grades have been found out and I’m beginning my third week (out of 5) of winter break.  I should be enjoying the relaxation, but I’m surprisingly nostalgic.

See, when I went to teach I knew who I was, knew what I was doing.  Now, I sit on the couch with a cup of tea and don’t move for hours.  It sounds nice, but after a few days I really wish I was back in the classroom.  I catch myself at odd hours of the day thinking Man, they’re settling into nap time or Right about now they’re getting ready for morning group time.  I miss my students.  As cheesy as it sounds, I really believe I left a chunk of myself behind that final morning of student teaching.  Ever since leaving I haven’t been the same – I roam around (or loaf around) without much purpose.  Spending a day reading a book used to fill me with happiness, but now I can’t sit still long enough to finish a chapter! (Don’t worry sis, I’m still reading that book you got me!)

I miss my kids, but I also am quite thankful for them.  I went into Early Childhood Ed on a whim, having no idea what I was getting myself into.  Now, I don’t know who I would be without it.  So, though I’m fairly certain none of their parents will ever see or read this, I’m thankful for each of the twenty of them for teaching me a bit more about who I am 🙂


Finally, my apologies at sucking with this blogging thing.  I have no excuse, no I’ve been so busy with finals and the holidays and blah blah blah.  I have only the fact that I haven’t been getting on here and posting.  So, my new years resolution for 2014 is to post at least once a week.  Those of you who know me/read this, hold me accountable!