In an effort to better my blogger skills I’m giving this WordPress Zero to Hero: Thirty Days to a Better Blog thing a try.  Each day they give you a new assignment, and yesterdays (yep, behind on day 1!) was to introduce ourselves.  I thought maybe I can skip this one, I just have 6 posts so I’m sure that first one introduced me just fine.  But then I would be skipping class on the first day of school, and as a teacher I just can’t advocate such insubordination!! (However, I admit the couch was pretty comfy yesterday)

So here ya go, a *brief* re-introduction!

I am a novice teacher, having not yet gotten a full-time teaching position (but if you know of one let me know, I’m searching!).  I created this blog because I believe teachers learn more often than they think.  We don’t learn just at professional development seminars, weekly team meetings, or from our fellow teachers – though we do learn quite a lot in those moments!  We also learn from the students that sit in front of us every single day.  I learn compassion when one of our students is constantly in trouble at home.  I learn patience when one of my students makes a beeline for me every morning to tell me about Skylanders Swap Force (even though this actually happened, I still have no idea what they are).  I learn to keep my mouth shut when I get stung by a bee twice in less than 30 seconds.  I learn many things from and alongside my students, each of which is just as memorable and valuable as the last.

Here I’ll write funny anecdotes that happen to me on a daily basis, most of which will revolve around children (See my most recent post An Unexpected Thank You).  You’ll find everything I learn from teaching: math lessons gone wrong, investigations gone right, and maybe a funny story or two of a student coming out of our dramatic play restaurant saying, “Phew, that’s exhausting!!!”  Yes, that actually happened, and the next day we caught her and a few friends “taking a break” on the preschool sized couch I hadn’t intended on being part of the restaurant.

These are the primary reasons I created this blog.  I wanted to make sure I was recognizing the learning I am doing with my students, and documenting it online seemed a perfect route (names will be changed and pictures not to be posted without parental consent).  I also started this blog with the hopes of connecting with other teachers.  I want to learn from you all as well!  How do you teach odd and even to your students (for a fabulous take on this, check out Beyond Traditional Math’s post about teaching even and odd to her 5 year old).  What do you do for classroom management?  Why do you teach?  What’s the best I-have-10-minutes-to-eat lunch you’ve packed and taken to school?

Ok, so maybe that wasn’t so brief.  Sorry about that!  But if you made it this far into the post, I hope you will join me for many more to come, both as I finish the Zero to Hero assignments and as I write about everyday learning between my students and myself.

Yours truly,

Miss Teach



  1. Hi Miss Teach!
    I enjoyed reading your blog. I am also a teacher and could relate to lessons gone wrong among other things. This made me laugh!! I look forward to reading more about your experiences! PS: I am one day behind too! 🙂

  2. I am no teacher but I am a mother of two girls, one in preschool.

    I liked your post and I’m following you, because I can relate in a way to exhausting lessons and frazzling situations of which you hate to bite your tongue for the sake of little eyes on you.

    1. I did! I think I followed you back but I can’t tell because I’m using my phone and not my computer! Will figure it out soon! Check out my Facebook page, also called Teach Me First!

      1. Stupid enter button… no you didn’t follow me, you liked my post though! 😀

        I enabled the mobile usage on my blog, but it’s still confusing as all get out, so I understand!

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