From 0 to DiCaprio in 15 minutes

I got nothin’.





They want me to talk about something on my mind, but then my mind went blank.

I had something a few hours ago.

But now it’s gone.


*crickets chirping*

I’m starting to get a little discouraged about this blogging thing, thinking I’m no good at keeping up with it.

In reality, it’s probably more likely that I don’t have much to talk about because I’m not teaching at the moment.  Not because of the weather (-40 degrees wind chill and 2 feet of snow?  Yup), but because I’m still on winter break for another two weeks – grad school win!

toes, tail, ears froze

Maybe something will cross my mind later and I’ll write a freakishly awesome, mind blowing, earth shattering post about it.

Or maybe I’ll just eat ham and corn casserole with a glass of wine.


Not even kidding. I love ham.


Yummy :)

Yummy 🙂


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