Quoth Hulk, “You Won’t Like Me When I’m Angry”

Sometimes I get angry.  Not a justified angry, but an angry stemming from the absolute most ridiculous circumstance in the world.  Some examples:

  • Potential Mr. Teach (or PMT, as I will refer to him later) gets to spend time with his friends and I don’t because I have to go to student teaching at 8am.  I get angry and throw stuff.
  • The Keurig breaks and I really, really want coffee.  So, naturally, I let a few f-bombs fly free.
  • Someone cuts me off in traffic and I choose select words to describe this person that has clearly violated my car’s personal space (though I’m sure we’ve all done this, I’ve had PMT actually tell me to calm down over this).

Today, it was the USPS lady telling me that the moccasins I was trying to return to Amazon were supposed to be shipped through UPS.  AHHHHHH!!!! I was so angry I tried to slam the door on my way out.  I say tried because it was one of those doors that closes slowly, so naturally it is impossible to slam it.  I got in my car – that door slammed easily – and cried.


I think this is what I look like angry, but PMT’s never taken a picture so I can’t be sure. Either way, I’m fairly confident that it’s not pretty when I get angry…

Let me reiterate that: I cried. Why? Because the lady at the counter told me my pre-paid shipping label that I printed from Amazon said it was supposed to be shipped with UPS ground.  Also, because for some reason my body’s reaction to pure, unadulterated anger is to cry.  It’s really helpful at times when my angry is justified).

I had no good reason to cry or be angry.  It’s like Sarah getting upset over someone playing with that toy she was playing with 20 minutes ago that she had forgotten about until just now.  Or when Vance was angry with me because I told him he couldn’t have a job, even though I had warned him he wouldn’t get one if he didn’t start sitting still and paying attention.  And you know what I did?  I told them it’s no big deal, that they walked away or misbehaved and that’s what happens.

Except with Vance.  With him I did something else.  I said, “It’s ok to be angry, but please stop pinching me because that hurts.”  And you know what happened?  He stopped pinching me.

I often hear adults telling children stop crying it’s no big deal, get up and stop hitting him, and there’s no reason to be angry right now.  But what if there is and we just don’t see it?  What if I had just told Vance to stop pinching me because it’s rude? I can’t ignore my student’s anger, but I can help them find a way to manage it.

So what did I do after slamming my door and crying in my car?  I said to myself, What on Earth are you crying for?  Yeah it was frustrating to go to USPS only to be told to UPS.  And sure you don’t know where the UPS store is but you can LOOK IT UP.  

So I went to the grocery store.  And I bought vegetables.  And things for tacos.  I even put that bottle of wine back on the shelf.  Ok, so I put the bottle back because we have enough at home, not because I shouldn’t buy it.




And then I went to the UPS store.  Yep, I found it, and those troublesome moccasins that didn’t fit PMT are officially off my hands.  Anger subdued, much like this panda!


Oh, and before you think um…you should probably get that checked out, I am seeing someone for my easily-triggered angry 🙂



      1. probably the first guy cured by laughter??? or maybe the doctor who did something so ridiculously funny, their patient was miraculously healed?

        Or.. we could always go for the guy who was completely full of it, but the phrase was so catchy that it stuck but has no value whatsoever! 🙂 Did I just go there?

    1. Thanks for the kind words! And best of luck living with the bf. It can be challenging, but also a ton of fun! (Course, I lived with mine and 3 other dudes….so that might have influenced the challenging part…)

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