Singin’ in the Sauna

You know those moments when you get to leave life behind and pretend you’re in a movie?  Or that you could actually break out in song and dance and no one would judge you?

I had one of those moments today.

I woke up and didn’t want to go to the gym.  I’ve been telling myself the last few weeks that I was going to start working out again once I was back at school.  Well, being back at school, I had to drag myself there today.  I drudged through my weight lifting.  I started my first Couch to 5K “run,” and I didn’t hate it.  40 minutes after I got to the gym I was done, which meant my favorite part was about to happen:  THE SAUNA!!!

I freaking love the sauna.  I know not all gyms have it, but the one at school does and it’s awesome.  It’s warm, it makes me sweat, and I read somewhere that rapidly changing the temperature you’re in helps boost your immune system.  So, hopefully going from the hot sauna into the cold outside keeps the flu away!

Anyway, when I walked in there were two people sitting in the corners.  I sat down in the middle and stretched a bit.  After about five minutes, both people got up and left.

I had the sauna to myself.

This never happens.

This.  Never.  Happens.

So, naturally, I started singing the song on my iPod.  By singing, I mean full on, imagining-I’m-on-a-stage performance.  It was awesome.  I closed my eyes and soaked in the moment.

Fortunately no one walked in on me.

If my students could have seen me, who knows what they would have thought.  Some might think I had gone crazy.  Some might stare.

Some, I’m sure, would join in.


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