New Name. New School. New Relationship Status.

Everything has changed since my last post. How, you ask? Let me count (literally) the ways…

1. I graduated (whoop!) with my masters from the University of Illinois.

2. I turned 26 and got booted off my parents’ insurance (less-whoop)

3. I got ENGAGED!!! That’s right, Potential Mr. Teach, or PMT, is now Future Mr. Teach, or FMT.

Engagement Ring

Picked it out all on his own. Fancy, no?

4. I submitted countless job applications.  I think the total number came to around 75?

5. I finally got a job as a first grade teacher (super woot!!!) and I could not be more excited to start the school year!


How I felt after getting the offer! I may have refrained from these exact movements, considering I was eating lunch with the future MOL at a Jimmy Johns….

So,  yep, with all the change I thought it would be appropriate to change the blog to something more long-term.  Enter Confessions of a Novice Educator: Making first-decade teachers look good since 2014.  I’ll use this as a place to celebrate the successes, vent the frustrations, grow from mistakes, and muddle through the struggling lessons.  If there is one thing I hope my readers will get from my blog it is this: 

We all start somewhere, and I am a teacher starting at Level 0.  I will give my all to my students, but I will learn from mistakes.  I am a strategic thinker, observer, and substitute parent at times.  I am a teacher, and I am a human being just like you.

Voila.  New me.

(Also, before I go I have to tell you that this new me made a class schedule today.  It feels weird, making a schedule for 20 six year olds to follow.  It also feels weird having a classroom.  A good weird.  Like I’ve been handed the keys to an apartment in Teacher City and am officially a resident…weirdly awesome)


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