Overwhelming FIRSTS

School starts Monday.

Holy. S***.



Pretty sure this is what I looked like when I was talking to my team today. The good news: we all had this look on our a face today.

I have school supplies everywhere. I have un-laminated things everywhere.  I have lesson plans un-done, curriculum materials missing, and a couple empty spots on my walls.

i walked past a teacher who had all the supplies put away.  I saw books on her students desks and stuff on every wall.  In her classroom I saw everything I wanted: organization, assurance, and success.  In my classroom I saw empty walls and school supplies.

But as I cried in my car 5 min later I started to think about something: this other teacher has been teaching for at least 3 years.  The teacher next to her has been teaching for longer than 10 years. So no, my classroom isn’t going to look like theirs this year. Or next year. Or maybe even the year after that. What my classroom does have is me and my devotion to my students. I might not have all the walls covered, but that gives me space for students to fill. I might not have my school supplies put away, but that gives my students the chance to help me figure out where to put things.

My first classroom isn’t founded on what others are doing around me. Instead, my first class and classroom is a going to be founded on US – my students, myself, and how we work as a group.  It’s going to be messy. It’s going to be a disaster. But this classroom will be something no other group I teach will be: uniquely and unequivocally OUR FIRST YEAR.


By the by the word “first” starts to look funny after a while…..


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