BB: Blog and Basketball

Holy crap it’s been freaking forever.  Sorry about that.  I have no good excuse for my absence, but I have a few mediocre ones:

  1. The six weeks of class at the beginning of the semester were “kinda” busy
  2. I haven’t had anything interesting to post about
  3. Student teaching has me trying to keep my head above the water so I have, admittedly, put this sucker on hold until I get a better grip on lesson plans, projects, and other student teaching related stuff
  4. I forgot I had a blog

Fortunately, Potential Mr. Teach has reminded me that I had a blog, as did the lovely lady over at Performing in Fifth Grade.  If you are a teacher friend, go check her out.  She has some useful tips and tricks up her sleeve(s).  (She also has a pretty groovy Facebook page)

A fun story from this past week to finish off the post:

At the beginning of my student teaching placement I sent home a letter to families introducing myself.  In this letter, I like to put down little bits and pieces about me when I was the age of my students, in this case when I was 8 or 9 years old.  I also try to think of things I know my students relate to by picking sports or activities my students and I have in common.  I have a couple sporty boys in my class, so I mentioned, “When I was in third grade I played basketball, gymnastics, and dabbled in figure skating.”  My cooperating teacher read “I played basketball” and volunteered me for the 2nd v. 3rd grade basketball game that was to take place, in front of students, the following week.

Never mind that I scored a whopping 2 points in my two year career as a ball player.

And thus I found myself dreading the afternoon last Monday morning, donning my new maxi skirt (work out leggings hidden underneath in the event of a quick change later) and green for my team and, conveniently, St. Patrick’s Day.  I thought I was being smart wearing a maxi skirt with my leggings underneath – I looked professional yet was ready for the ball game all at once!

The students were skeptical.  Not just of my maxi skirt.  The following is a conversation during our morning cursive lesson:

Student 1: You’re not going to play basketball in that are you?

Me: (suppressing a giggle) No, I have leggings on underneath

Student 1: Phew, I was gonna say…

Student 2: Do you even have any experience playing basketball?

HA!  I politely responded, “Yes, I played for two years when I was your age” and then redirected him back to his cursive As, or Qs or whatever letter we were on that day.  He still seemed skeptical, but that changed when I scored 8 points and had two rebounds in our game that afternoon.  My team won, and Student 2 asked me for my autograph the rest of the afternoon.


Teaching.  WIN.